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Join us at Redline Raceway!
The LSPBC has organized its own bracket class at Redline Raceway located in Caddo Mills, Texas.  Join us there to race for cash, fun and bragging rights.
LSPBC Racing - 3rd Saturday's at Redline
1. April 19th
2. May 17th
3. June 21st
4. July 19th
5. August 16th
6. September 20th
7. October 18th
2014 Race Schedule:
Join us at Redline Raceway!
Don't forget to sign up and login at RaceSlip to earn points!
LSPBC's Redline Racing Bracket Class Rules:

$15.00 (paid to LSPBC) to bracket race, you must be a current LSPBC member to enter and your vehicle must be Buick or Buick powered in order to be eligible for Buick points. Vehicles that are non-Buick will be eligible for non-Buick points.  Memberships and renewals are available on location.

1. Door cars only*, No delay boxes, and No throttle stops are allowed.
2. Any tire is ok. DO NOT burnout past the starting line. This will result in an automatic disqualification.
3. You may race any brand/model of car you want and win money at the monthly races and be eligible for the point series.
4. You must be a paid club member to run brackets. Club dues are $25 annually.
5. The monthly payouts are pending car count. Therefore, more cars = a higher payout. Payouts are for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places.

All time trials will be run out of lane 4 with one exception. If you are running street tires and get in line early (6:30pm) please line up in lane 3 for your first pass. Redline officials like to run cars with slicks for the first 10-15 pairings from lane 4. We do not want to block lane 4 with street tire cars early. All time trials will be out of lane 4 after 7pm for LSPBC racers.

All LSPBC racers are required to meet in the pits with the race director at 8:30pm to pay their entry fee and draw for positions. Drawing order will determine your position on the standard "Sportsman Ladder" rather than your qualifying time. Do not be late or you will be left out!*

1. The ladder will be set up prior to 9:00pm to determine the pairings or bye run if applicable.
2. The higher seeded racer for each pairing will have lane choice.
3. All eliminations will be out of lanes 5 and 6 and start at 9pm sharp.
4. Breaking or not showing will result in an automatic loss and a win for your opponent. You must stage and break the starting line beams under your vehicle's own power to receive credit.
5. Redline has requested that the racers to be ready to run in 5 minutes from when they call us to the lanes. Therefore, know who your opponent for the next round is as soon as possible.

All points are assigned to the driver:
This will allow a driver to cumulatively earn either Buick or non-Buick points at each event based on the vehicle registered. A driver will not be eligible for both Buick and non-Buick points at the same race event.

The top three season points leaders will be awarded at the year end LSPBC Christmas & awards party. ($$$ TBD) - Texas Best Rock N Racing!